Our mission is to help the farm or ranch owner define and implement a comprehensive management strategy that integrates all the available resources while maintaining and enhancing sustainability of the land.

In modern agriculture, energy, labor, and feed costs dictate that livestock production facilities are efficient in all respects, while providing good worker and animal environment and efficient odor and waste control – all at minimum capital costs.

The environmental challenges facing livestock producers in the U.S. are steadily increasing. Farms and farming practices are becoming more scrutinized by neighbors, regulators, and outside environmental and special interest groups.

Monitoring of agricultural operations, especially large confined livestock operations has recently increased at both the Federal and State levels. Livestock producers now need to be aware of their neighbors and be proactive to minimize groundwater impacts.

Changing Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) regulations in 2010 may result in HUGE expenses to your custom slaughterhouse business to process and dispose of wastewater effluent. Get a jump on the new regulations by contacting an environmental engineer not afraid to fight for your rights and experienced in finding economical, proven solutions.